High quality Open data Publishing and Enrichment

This is the homepage of the HOPE project. HOPE (High quality Open data Publishing and Enrichment) is a PRIN 2017 project (prot. 2017MMJJRE) financed by the Minister of Education, University and Research under the PRIN (Progetti di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale) program.

Brief description of the project

While open data have a huge potential in the data-driven society, many barriers of different types exist in publishing and using open data. HOPE aims at overcoming the main technical problems that current open data solutions suffer from, by developing a methodology and associated tools for a new way of producing, publishing, maintaining, accessing and exploiting privacy-preserving open data. The envisioned result of the project is a complete web-based semantic open data manager that an organization can use for governing the whole lifecycle of its open data, and the final users can access for effectively consuming the information provided by the organization. The project puts together 5 partners including the strongest leaders of the Italian Knowledge Representation and Data Management communities. If successful, this effort will have a deep impact on society, as it will help unchaining all the potentiality of open data for citizens and policy makers. The practical value of our approach will be evaluated by real users. Three Italian PA institutions are already collaborating with the partners of the consortium, and have agreed to experiment the tools resulting from the research results, providing feedbacks from the very beginning of the project.